Data63 is Currently Hiring for Data Entry Project for an Indian Client who is currently dealing in Online Sales & is planning to open up a Ecommerce Website. We require Associates across India who are interested in working for our Reputed Client. You simply need to Copy the Data from the Excel / Word (which will be sent to you by our client daily/weekly) & Paste it into our website. Work needs to be done online only.

One Assignment will be of 1000 forms. (The number of boxes will be 4 in each form & it will take 10-12 Seconds to submit a single form). We'll be Paying you Rs 600 Per Assignment. 
We will not give any targets & we will not deduct anything for the errors. Work at your convenince at any time of the day from anywhere you want. (We don't ask you to work daily)

We charge Rs 1500 as our service charge & other administrative charges. You Do not have to pay this amount before starting work as this amount will be adjusted in your first Income from our company. You need to cross the threshold of 5 Assignments /Rs 3000 as earning in order to receive the payment, else payment will be rolled over in the next month. 

To Start this work, please fill the Registration Form & We'll send you the Prospectus & Application Form through Courier/Email within 24-48 hours at your doorstep/E Mail & you simply need to fill the form & mail it back to us at

The Cost of the Application Form is Rs 175 which can be paid online(Form will be delivered within 24-48 hours)

There are NO Hidden Charges. Work will start & Login details will be allotted within 24 hours of receiving the application form.

We Pay through Bank Transfer / Cheque on Every 10th of the month.
You can choose the payment Option in the Application Form.
We have 24*7 Support Team provided only to Associates.
We do not Send any CD's. Work is sent through Mail by our Data team.